Sunday, November 23, 2008

Beyond the Crayola Box..

My personal life, a hidden tapestry of colors, is mine and only mine. I seldom let my readers and my true fans in on a little something, always for you to decipher and figure out exactly what I mean. Most of the time you don’t get it at all and that is my point. To make you wonder and guess if only at a hint of emotion that I might have at that very moment and for you to take it to another level and color your own story.

I choose not to name names in what I say here and only call out the ones who never called again, the scaredy cats, the ones who start something and never finish it. But not all hope is entirely lost. There is something truly magnificent about a genuine original, with no limits, being just the way you are, being the way he is for that matter. And that my friends is where I leave it to you to color between the lines with an unforgettable hello and a more than perfect goodbye.

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