Sunday, December 16, 2007

I Wa Wa Wa Wa Wonder....

As I sit on my couch watching football, listening to the sound of that 35+mph wind, and someone outside chopping the ice off their car, surrounded by the aroma of my endless cookie baking activities I wonder….why did I put up a tree? I dread holidays, so why did I bother? Only I can answer that question and yet its sincere therapy that I did that. Yeah right who am I kidding. I am beginning to understand all of this now and how its all about being together. By eliminating the actual terms of the holiday such as Christmas and Thanksgiving, I’ve come to realize it’s the togetherness of it all. There I said it…I hope those of you out there who have almost given up on Miss Grinch have a change of heart. It’s not the location, its about being together. Truthfully speaking, I had fun trying to create a winter wonderland but I struck out finding mistletoe.

Let me get back to the vicious wind and how I’d rather be lounging and thank you to Mother Nature for prohibiting that, but ‘I ain’t mad at ya’, there are somethings that you can’t control...there's always a next time. And still I keep popping my head in and out of that damn mouse hole wondering when the little old lady is going to hit me on the head with her dishpan, figuratively speaking of course, as I look both ways to see if its finally safe to dash for the cookie crumbs she forgot to sweep up. Yes, I’m kidding, but sometimes I forget I have to look both ways, and that’s when I wonder…why. Thank you Del Shannon for putting that song in my head today, its done wonders.

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