Friday, December 21, 2007

Lemon Drops

I am very proud of myself, no matter how much I have to drink I stick to my guns. I am not that easily influenced by alcohol although sometimes the next day I wonder why I hit so and so, put drink stickers on my boobies or used my token fake name. So alcohol gives you a little added edge to pull off some hideous lines and say things that you wouldn’t normally say in an 8 hour day, but I would say it anyway that doesn’t phase me. I will admit, I did get my fix last night after four raspberry martinis, a lemon drop shot, numerous glasses of water, food, and some decent bump and grind music. You have no idea do you….I’m still dangerous on the dancefloor in knee high boots. I’d give J. Lo a run for her money, but she’s got the double sided tape and the fat wallet.

And BTW: I apologize to the guy I hit last night, I know it was fairly hard and I might have left an imprint of my ring in his shoulder even though he didn’t do anything to me, I was protecting my peeps.

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