Friday, December 28, 2007

Bah-bye 2007

As this year comes to an end I have so many people to thank for being there for me, I know I’ve been a pain in the ass…but you make it all worth while and encourage me to get up every morning and YOU look forward to me pounding out these anecdotes. “It’s me again with a little attitude” as this year proved that I can get out of that damn turtle shell I was sheltered in for so long (too long actually), only to fit into a world I didn’t belong in. So there, I’m back and I won’t go kicking and screaming either..HA!

2008 looks to be a much better year, may be the best year ever. I don’t have a crystal ball and am not promising anything, I have to see what cards I’m dealt with first before I can place my bets and hope that the horse with the pink legwarmers on comes in first place. Until then I can only sit back, relax and hope I end up in a cozy corner ‘lounging’ on the 1st and not hungover from too much pong.

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