Friday, December 7, 2007

How to Keep Yourself Busy at Work – During Down time!

1. Make lists – food shopping, cleaning lists, clothes to buy, rooms to clean, people you should call back
2. Shop for a new vehicle online – you can comparison shop
3. Shop for a new TV – again, comparison shop
4. Visit consumer reports – surely Big Brother won’t be red flagging this one
5. Rearrange your desk
6. Replace your pens
7. Color code your calendar
8. Read a book online
9. Do calve stretches
10. Button and unbutton your shirt – that’s if you have one underneath
11. Pile up your empty water bottles for cubicle bowling
12. Set up war scenarios – you can use sugar packets and/or army men
13. Call your friend on another floor and pretend its business and have a complete conversation about closing a deal, selling paper, paying a bill, ordering lunch
14. Call another friend and ask if they can send you a red pen through interoffice mail
15. Instead of typing a report hand write it in pencil, then rewrite it in pen, and then type it up
16. Move your cubicle walls if you can, change your whole area around
17. If your co-worker is out prank their desk. Switch their keyboard keys around
18. “ unplug their handset – then call them when they get back
19. Make a list of things you want to do over the weekend
20. If its early in the year make your Xmas list
21. Register for your birthday gifts online and email your friends and family the link
22. Set up e-cards for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays for the rest of the year
23. Create rules for your inbox and emails from certain people – you can set up ones to automatically delete or respond ha ha
24. Color code your email senders
25. Keep a log of how many times you go to the bathroom
26. Keep a log of how many times your boss asks you to do something and if you actually get it done
27. Fill our your Christmas cards
28. Create a database of your address book – comes in handy for Christmas cards
29. Make labels for your home files if you are as organized as I am
30. Move your desk or relocate to an empty office and see if anyone notices
31. Pay your bills online
32. Go thru your junk mail coupons you don’t use and interoffice them to friends as a joke (i.e. “I think you can use this”)

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