Sunday, December 23, 2007

Traveling Thoughts

I’m diving into personal territory here today so I advise you to brace yourself. What you are about to read is a true story which might lack the usual sarcasm that I am so great at.

My route in two days, 206, 287, GSP, Rt. 9, TPK, I crossed over Rt. 1 – does that count?, 78, 24, 80, just about every major roadway in NJ except 280, 46, Rt. 3. I dread the holidays because of the traveling, but to me this year wasn’t so bad (so far), I mean, I will admit I felt as if I had done something wrong, that I was odd chick out because I was. However, I was surrounded by family and their four legged friends who still managed to jump on the couch and wake me up this morning. As I traveled the major highways I sang, and laughed, and shed a tear here and there, only because that occurs on long trips in the car by myself. I am impressed that I still know all the words to “Earth Angel” on the Solid Golden Oldies channel.

I do miss my father big time and while I stood at his grave today with my grandfather I felt that I had to remain strong for both of us, meaning I couldn’t sit there and ball my eyes out like I had done all the times before. I did feel him reach out and put his hand on my left shoulder like he always did. But next time I go by myself, I’ll ball my eyes out and stay as long as I want.

After Grandpa’s I drove past our old house on Tyler Ave. the new owners put a bay window in, and repainted the shutters maroon, but the house looks the same as it did 14 years ago and there were kids playing in the street like I did once. I still know my way around town and I still remember the Sesame Street house, but I couldn’t find my way there.

As I bring this endearing story to an end my mind and my thoughts are somewhere else, lost in the city lights where they like to linger, in hopes that I will see them again soon amongst cookies, mistletoe and surprises.

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