Friday, August 1, 2008

Cause Down the Shore Everything's Alright

Springsteen rocked Giants Stadium last night and you had to be there to witness the heartstopping showstopping E Street Band. The set list was amazing, songs brought me to tears, but that could have been the three drinks I had plus the heat. I could have done without the pot smoke coming from behind but it doesn’t matter because I’m immune to it after all the years of over the counter meds its just not strong enough. The only thing I wasn’t immune to was the sexy man smell a few feet away from me, I asked the guy nicely to stop moving, because every time he moved I got a whiff and that was pure intoxication at its finest, especially during Jersey Girl when I wanted to pounce him right there in the seats but I kept my paws off. Overall the fine Jersey night was perfect, the sky was clear, and I wouldn’t ask for a better end to the month of July and a belated birthday present.

Is that you baby or just a brilliant disguise?

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