Wednesday, August 6, 2008

In My Defense - Just Like A Girl

To my Dear Readers – In my defense it seems my frustrations have gotten the best of me and that the truth hits home for some people, but in all seriousness it is the truth. If you have taken anything personally then its not my fault for telling it how it was and how it is (in general). A shame that it was bottled up for so long and that one stupid thing triggered a massive word explosion. Just know that if you truly piss me off your name will be mentioned and I won’t have the decency to give you closure on the situation – just like a guy. After posting my rampage it seemed fitting that I tell you that the phone call back convenience thing happened again to me last night and no matter how easy I try to make it to get one thing resolved it seems to only get pushed back week after week. I’m not quite sure what the hold up is, but I’ve completed my end of the deal. It just shows what kind of priorities other people have and how things never change in terms of procrastination after all these years.

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