Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Poor Excuse for Disappearing Act

Due to strenuous activities, softball playoffs and other things including being busy at work obviously I have not been writing, nor have been inspired to write anything worthy of your eyes. July comes to a close with a great way to end the month, including something else I can’t mention on here because of my particular audience who may be reading and I do not want to spoil anything. Stay tuned for the ‘trailer’. Besides citrus clean, jello shots, and a huge calzone without utensils, I’ve been short changed, happy, and exhausted, but not in any particular order. As I raise my cup of nasty coffee from the office this morning because I forgot to pick up milk last night, I toast to the great times I’ve had in July and the memories that will always stay with me like the scar on my forehead I’ve had since childhood.

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