Saturday, August 9, 2008

Confirmation Required

I’ve been stood up by a good friend of mine, not only did she say she was going to attend a game with me, but she called once to confirm. So when I called Friday to confirm, I got voicemail and Saturday morning to confirm to find out any particular orders for tailgating I got voicemail. 1:30 rolls around and still nothing, so I did what I could only do, call a few people and see if they wanted to join me and by 2 pm I was on the road delivering the two tickets I had to a friend of mine from work. If she didn’t want to go, she could have just said so. Makes me wonder why people do this in general, just leave you hanging. Just goes to show how many people are unreliable and that I have to cut down my friends lists. But all is not a goner for today as I wonder when the next time I can sip a Chardonnay will be and I know it won’t be at her house.

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