Monday, August 4, 2008

Anything Guys can do Girls can do…

This whole crazy dating game is just exactly that – crazy. I have to revert back to my playah days, something I’m not very proud of but hey, guys do it, girls can do it to. In my 30’s I’ve learned the cat and mouse game of the present, enough so that its actually pissing me off especially because it is so reminiscent of pre-marital days. The open-ended promises of movies we’ll now never see, places we’ll never go, dinners that we will never share, long weekends in a hotel room and a Jacuzzi that never seem to get booked, sexual positions that will never take place because all it was – was talk. The ‘let’s get together this weekend’ was left as it was said and no plans were made because somebody got a better offer. Now don’t get mad at me if I second guess the nice ones that come along, I mean, look what I’ve been dealing with. I rather you tell me you’ll call me Monday and call me, than say “I wanna take you to the city next weekend” and have that never happen because you never followed through, disappeared or decided walking your pet dinosaur was top priority. But don’t ever tell me you’ll call me later, and then don’t and then I don’t hear from you for days. Its just not right because I’m going to do the same thing back to you – and you’re not gonna like it and I won’t have an excuse for it either. Just be honest, there’s no need to string us along, even if its for a good piece of ass. You wouldn’t like it if I did it back to you – but then again maybe you would.

You want me to like you – and just when I start to you pull all this crap. I’m sorry fella’s I know what I want this time, I have the right to my list of requirements and the game playing for me will only last so long before I get bored with the babysitting.

So guys I’m on to you, and don’t play me, I’m too old to chase you around the playground. But I’ll play your stupid games just like you taught me. I’ll leave my cell phone on, but let all calls go to voice mail – just like a guy, and then decide when and if I call you back. I’ll text message you plans if you do not answer your phone or your IM’s – just like a guy. I’ll continue to text message you plans even though you’ve told me you don’t want to date me months ago because I think you’re playing hard to get – just like a guy. I’ll promise you that we’ll go do things in the city this weekend and name which day, and then never follow through – just like a guy. And I’ll call you when I feel like it, when I’m free to talk, when its convenient for me – just like a guy.

See you don’t have to play the games to get the girl…just be yourself, put down the Monopoly money and get on with your game of Life.

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