Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Red Death in a White Polo Shirt

Its been a very long time since I’ve buddied up with bouncers but I’m glad I know a few after last night, even if he pulled some stupid stunt to get the group mad at each other. I can’t say people watching was at its all time high last night but it had some celebrity mentions, Patrick Swayze meets the Hoff but only about 5’5 in white button down shirt from across the bar nearest to the door. The only eye candy I saw was a guy who everytime he smiled I needed shades, I’m glad he was radiating from across the bar with his three amigos, I’m sure they were blind by the time they left. I won’t comment too much about the young waitress because she was nice to us, but I was questioning her tactics since I know she was putting on a great act for the guys in the group to tip her better because she was leaning over the counter showing the girls. The time I spent writing my notes in my notebook was the amount of time it took the creepy guy to walk from where he was sitting by the video game across the room over to right next to me to order a beer, you couldn’t miss him in his white polo shirt with the colar up - yes colar up, in a Don Johnson Miami Vice kinda way. Not only did he buy his beer, but he lingered behind us and waited till I returned from the ladies room to compliment me on how he loved my hair, in a very creepy, close talking way. When I proceeded to move on to another table with my friend he specifically got in my face and told me not to leave. Um…Level 5 creepy. I’m glad the people I was with were looking out for me, but I think I would have preferred an escort to my car when I left, even though I have my own hidden weapons of mass destruction.

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