Thursday, August 21, 2008

Dr. Phil is Not In Session

I’ve been dishing out a ton of free advice lately, unsuspecting to me at first that the ‘needers’ are just using that as a way to get close to me, once a week, once every 20 days or so, it varies. Some pull out all the stops, every angle, just to try to get a shoe in the door. Nice try but not buying it. I’m not one to be used as your Plan B either, since you don’t have the balls to get out of your current relationship because you are unhappy and move on with your life, rather you seek an easier out by trying to get caught talking to me. Nice try – but not buying it. I saw that coming a mile away. I’m not one to leave someone in need hanging for advice, especially if you are a close friend of mine, but if you think that by asking me for some sort of advice will get us ‘closer’ in that sick fantasy mind of yours, besides thinking you can have another slice of cake on the side is gonna fly, think again. Life is too short to play games and this session is finished.

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