Monday, August 25, 2008

These Things I Can't Just Make Up

You know you are in another state when….the waitress asks you if you are going to yell at her again when she refills your water glass. I didn’t yell at her the first time, it was just post game excitement and carryover from Thunder withdrawls that trailed over into the restaurant on Saturday. I’m surprised she didn’t ask me what was wrong when I started rocking back and forth in my chair like the Brave’s manager.

My behavior was semi-under control yesterday as people watching descended a few rows ahead where 2 couples sat watching the game. The prissy female got up in the 3rd and didn’t return till the 7th after her friend went to look for her. Based on the body language she was giving the guy in Top Gun glasses she was sitting next to she needed a Smirnoff or two to get her through the remainder of the game. After she returned she warmed up a bit and they resorted to knee touching. But it was clearly obvious the guy was a ‘leaner’ and didn’t give up the pursuit, even after the jilted 4 inning disappearance. I did have a fantabulous time and walked away with a souvenier or two, but marguritas are definitely not my tailgating drink of choice. I’ll resort to beer and chips where I don’t mellow out and my behavior is less than ladylike.

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