Saturday, July 12, 2008

Season Premiers

Today was no ordinary Saturday morning. I almost burnt my French toast sticks in the toaster oven, but great coffee made up for that. Two cups actually. I woke up later than usual for once, thank you to Tylenol PM sleep was well needed this week for some reason. Besides the kitchen mishaps and neighbor ringing my bell at odd hours this morning there was something just not right about today. Thursday night I tried to watch a show that I recorded last season because I had games the night it was on. I had a game this Thursday too but I tried to watch the season premier, and it wasn’t the same. So I sat down on the couch in my fluffy robe, cup of coffee and my burnt French toast sticks and hit play on my DVR. There was an instant in that moment where time stopped and watching this show just wasn’t the same as it was last season. It doesn’t mean I will stop recording it, it might have been my mood, but whatever it was it has left me in a sullen mood remembering the last episode from last season and how that ended and how this one has begun.

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