Sunday, July 6, 2008

Diary Entry # ?– 7/6/08

There’s no other place I’d rather be on a Sunday than on the couch. I’ll take that back, maybe a few other choice places with a handsome stranger known only to me. As I write my latest entry in my semi-existent diary that I keep for my cherished thoughts and reminiscent times, I have come a long way since last July 4th and the Transformers movie. I’m still caught with the chest protector on in defense of my fragile self who wants to go ‘there’ but doesn’t go ‘there’ because of fear of what the unknown would do to her months from now. Eventually I’ll have to open the window and take a leap, but for now, I’ll leave the curtains drawn and the storm windows shut. There’s a thunderstorm brewing again and that is just not the right weather forecast for what I had in mind. Aside from a little déjà vu this afternoon that I’m still shaking my head about, and the numbers karma that I get when it’s a turkey and swiss on rye day, I’ll put my notations away and resume my lounging spot on the comfy couch…tomorrow is another day to play while everyone is at work.

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