Friday, July 25, 2008

Reaching the Finish Line

My quest for singlehood and self discovery is almost at a close. Admitting I did this on purpose is not what I’m implying, at least the self discovery portion was well worth it because I am back to being queen of the jungle. As for my dating adventures, the one hit wonders that came and went I don’t think about them, I don’t really care about them either. The ones who text me complete conversations lose my interest quickly, especially those who after they don’t get a response from me after a half hour of the texting back and forth nonsense and then proceed to text me with ‘where’d you go?’. I’m not sorry for losing interest in a game that most teenagers play nowadays, you want to ask me what I do for a living, dial the nine numbers, don’t text it to me. They had enough balls to ask me for my number, they can call to get to know me better. I’ve gained friends for life, enemies that I can do without and kept friends I’ve always had. Lounging, chocolate martinis (my guilty pleasures) and secret code words in espanol, the never-ending requirements list gets more and more interesting by the day and TFDU is more than worth a day off from the daily grind (how many more days?). I know exactly what I want now and there’s nothing stopping me from making me happy. Life is too short.

The anxiousness to sign, seal and deliver hasn’t left yet as there are still blanks that need to be filled in, however the end is near. I do miss what we had but all the underlying factors that went along with it will never change, including all the unconscious others that surfaced during my analytical period which has now commenced.

Where I’m headed next I do not know but these two lanes can take me anywhere.

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