Thursday, January 17, 2008

Text Me Now...Call Me Later

I’m so glad I upped my text messaging plan to more mobile to mobile because that seems to be how we talk to each other these days. What happened to calling someone on the phone? I guess that went out the door with unanswered voice mails and laziness to call someone back. I’m new to this texting gig, not that I’ve never done it before but I do prefer the one on one, pick up a phone get a voice on the other end deal. I find that texting, although after speaking to my sister clarified that it is a way of letting someone know you are thinking of them, and asking simple “yes”, “no”, “maybe so” questions without necessarily interrupting their day, in my opinion is empty like a white wall. A full conversation thru text messaging is pointless, especially if you are home and you know the other person is too, and you are going back and forth for a half an hour! What am I missing here? Many a times have I been misunderstood in my texts because in my mind I meant one thing and the receiver took it another. So then I have to revert to the old fashioned way of calling, and apologizing for being an idiot because I should have been more clear in my text and not try to be funny or cute. Texting is not email – you are limited to the amount of characters you can send in one message. You can’t type out a whole paragraph and load it with smiles and catch phrases and code words. I have my issues with texting and I would rather get a live person on the other end even if I just leave a message because I haven’t heard their voice in a while. Call me old fashioned or just call me later, but text me now because I’m busy typing this out.

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