Saturday, January 12, 2008

How to Mend a Broken Heart in 5 Easy Steps

Not that my little heart is broken right now, and even if it was I wouldn’t tell you but this is just a little something I thought about today after watching a sappy romance.

First and foremost you cry, you cry it out in your bed, on the couch watching a really sad chick flick with a bowl of popcorn or whatever your comfort food is. Get out all your munchies because you’ll need your energy moving forward – trust me. You better stop crying before Friday because that’s when you start healing..or at least try to heal.

Second, you call your friends, brother, can do this while crying your eyes out but you should do it afterwards and when you are thinking rationally again. Wait till you have a clear head and some sleep, its amazing how different the mind works when you’ve had 7+ hours of sleep and can think clearly.

Third, hide any trace of him that he might of left behind at your place, hide the pictures, don’t burn them, put his stuff in a box in a closet. Don’t go thru that “I will learn to hate him” phase because that not only hurts you but everyone else and its not healthy because you could become a cold, heartless beaaatch. Trust me, I used to play the Alanis cd numerous times so I could exorcise any feelings I had about them and learn to hate them but now its different and it doesn’t involve drinking myself silly either.

Fourth might be the toughest stage of them all…closure. Don’t expect your answers answered, you may never get one, you may never know why he called it quits. And you have to learn to accept that and try to move on. How you do that is simple…you write, you write songs, stories, this blog for example, poetry…you get it out on paper because if you keep it inside it will bottle up and eventually explode on the wrong person. You distract yourself in any possible way, exercise, pick up a hobby, do something that makes you feel good and your friends will be there to help you. In all honesty I remember them all and it is something that will stay with you forever.

Finally number Five, which might fit in between 2nd and 3rd or 3rd and 4th, but that’s for you to decide. GO SHOPPING! Buy yourself 1 killer outfit, the one you will wear when you go out with your friends, the one when if and when he sees you he will want you back bad. But if you are comfortable in your skin and you look sexy when you go out anyway this should not matter, but definitely buy yourself something, even a piece of jewelry but spend wisely. No man is worth blowing a grand on – unless you really need that 50 inch flat screen tv.

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