Thursday, January 3, 2008

New Neighbors Cause Ruckus

*since Dec. 11th and they are only here for 2 months!
- High emphasis on ‘sk’ and ‘sh’ in vocabulary, i.e. des-ssk
- Pull the deskkk out of your office and bring it down here and put it in your new office
- Some got overruled to move themselves rather than hire help to move contents of entire office they were too lazy to clean out
- People act as if they never moved before..”well, I could do this or that’, and “I need to move this, and put this here”. They act like they are picking out furniture and wall colors!
- Many uses of ‘Oh I am going to be your neighbor now” – no kidding….I see that, your mailbox is up
- “Oh Natalee I never sat soo close to you before’ – I tried to negotiate moving that new cube mate with another one, but apparently kielbasa and sauerkraut man was ecstatic about the move and refused to give up his spot.
- Numerous amounts of holy water and garlic are being distributed to ward off vampires.
- Hub labeling the boxes in the now empty closet – ‘his’ and ‘hers’ obviously the terms ‘downsizing’ and ‘archiving’ weren’t understood.
- “You mean I have to program my voicemail…I didn’t know that.”
- Hubby & wifey have a doggie door to get back and forth
- “hi you've reached ___ and ____, we cant come to the phone right now...”
- Now for the big finale – When someone looks for ‘wife’ and she is not sitting there and ‘hub’ is he doesn’t leave her a message on a post-it. He calls her phone and leaves her a VM, then when she returns he shimmys thru doggy door saying ‘I just left you a message’ and reiterates exactly what he left on the VM 2 minutes ago!

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