Thursday, January 3, 2008

If It Makes You Happy..(and any other suitable title that fits)

Last night, I was going thru my huge Franklin Covey planner writing down everyone’s birthday and anniversary for this year into my new, more practical one and I came across a post-it I had written a year ago, besides noticing February being a very active month for birthdays. On it was yet another one of my perilous lists, of the type of person I know I am, or at the time, I know who I had been. At the top it said “Who Am I” and so I wrote two descriptive columns. Looking back I still am the vibrant, persistent, determined, spontaneous person, who is still always there for her friends no matter what, no questions asked (except maybe “Why do you need bail money?”), and a few other dozen terms. Overall life is too short to be anything but happy, and that’s my mantra for this year, and if happiness means keeping a smile on my face, than its all good, even if that means using that 32/27 ounce in my den for defensive purposes.

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