Sunday, January 13, 2008

Goin' Down to South Park

If my cousin and his friends had shown up as planned my girlfriend and I probably would have been saved from the creeps we encountered and had a decent night out close to my old college town. Oh, we did and had a blast people watching and talking to strangers and shaking it on the small dancefloor. First we met Al, at least 70+, very nice, said hello to us, stopped and had a chat…come to find out he’s from Madison. Then we get ogled by these two guys at the bar, who will turn around and stare at us sitting at our table, but not say anything. I probably wouldn’t have had a conversation with them anyway they were a bit on the international creepy side and I’m being nice. She’s still confused about this one dude that walked by with some woman who looked like she could be his mom wearing an 80’s white blazer but he said hello to my friend and then continued to stare at her throughout part of the night from across the bar. Sounds like a typical night out…look, we didn’t go out to meet people so to say, we didn’t go out to hook up, we just wanted to go out, somewhere different, kick off our Sunday shoes and go home. After the ‘mom’ episode 2 Chris Rocks sit in the unoccupied chairs at our table, playing it off that they are watching the game on tv…needless to say it was a decent conversation, but they can’t dance, and once they started throwing punches on the other side of the bar, we were out of there. Don’t tell me you wanted to come over to get my number and your friend didn’t when that’s the same line he said to her. Not that I would have given out the digits anyway, I just ‘wasn’t feelin’ it”, was having too much fun watching Super Mario continually spill his full beer each time he set it on the table, it was inches away from being bumped and oopps when someone walked by down it went. Sweater boy at the bar found a sweater girl too, I wonder if they both shop at the same stores? But in all honesty, if we’re on the dancefloor, leave us alone, don’t cut in, don’t try to sandwich and keep your hands off…we’re just out to have a good time not to get a little closer.

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