Wednesday, October 31, 2007

What I learned today at My Meeting

· In a room of just about 30 men there were 7 women
· White socks with black shoes and black pants – highly fashionable amongst engineers
· Have to check the back of our hair for the hoc-a-lugie staplah man in much need of mucinex
· Alternative medicines – does that include caffine pills?
· The man behind the curtain – the Great Oz conducted the meeting
· The call it ‘wellness’ meaning “we want you to be healthy”, in other words there are fat people in this room that need to lose weight!
· Sitting in the back of the room makes you focus on the backs of people’s heads and notice their bald spots and thinning hair
· Sage green was the popular shirt color today for men
· How are birth control pills considered maintenance drugs? We’re not maintaining anything other than not dropping eggs!
· Basically a healthy employee is a safe employee – if you are fat you are clumsy.
· Key words: Dr. Zing Zong and ‘launching point’
· There is never enough food!

Other noteworthy points by attendees:
· You must add that same sex marriages or marriages that have an affidavit are considered domestic partners however what we consider as ”normal” marriages they cant. I was shocked that he even stated the word “normal”
· The word “y’all” was used heavily

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm, Blue was the favorite shirt color for my meeting and I did not count the women, the ones I like were not present.