Wednesday, October 31, 2007


What are butterflies in your stomach? Why do people say that? If anything ‘butterflies’ should mean that you can’t eat anything, that you can get sick to your stomach over severe anxiety from anticipating something happening or something that is planned, you know, like a first date, a blind date, a date-date, or seeing someone for the first time from ages ago, going on an interview, whatever. Gosh, sometimes I’m even nervous to make a phone call. But I can see how shortening it to just ‘butterflies in stomach’ fits. I still get ‘butterflies’ but its different than that, its from excitement of actually getting ready to go out somewhere, putting on that little black dress to impress. Taking the time to look good takes time, I don’t wake up looking like this – LOL and I definitely save my pheromone sprays for the weekend. And you get butterflies too, but you won’t share that with the rest of us who all get nervous and anxious over practically nothing and anything. I have to admit, I like the ‘butterflies’, it’s a short lived adrenaline rush for me, at least the first couple minutes until I finally settle down. And again, its 11:11 am and I’m writing as usual. It must be this time of day that is a trigger. A trigger to share a little piece of me with you guys, my audience and I have no idea who is listening. Today I don’t have butterflies just yet, the day is almost half way over and I don’t anticipate anything anxiety related happening later…but you never know.

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