Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Performing Exorcisms

We all have favorite songs, songs we love to hear, songs we haven’t heard in a long time that we forgot about. Songs that we play for our moods, to put us in a mood or not, or get us out of a mood. Its just music with lyrics, it means nothing right? Wrong….”there’s always something there to remind me” and if I can associate anything it would be a song to a person, place, scenario, movie, time in my life, etc. Aside from past ghosts that continually haunt me in song, the ex taxi driver boyfriend that 2 certain songs remind me of him and I can’t listen to them anymore, I have to vanquish the present demons that I have heard lately. Listening to a song in a different context whereas before I had loved the song now makes me think of something else entirely – and that is not good. Amazing how easily the symbolism of a song can change in a snap at least for me. If I hear Air Supply’s “Making Love Outta Nothing At All” I revert back to the summer of 1993, down the shore, a cassette tape, and my ‘daisy dukes’. Now if you ‘sing me a song you’re the piano man’, it better give me a good memory and not spoil how I already feel about the song, because once its spoiled I have to go thru an exorcism and get back its true meaning, create a new one or hope that someone else gives me new meaning to the song. I go thru this phase of lighting candles in complete darkness and chanting to the higher gods hoping that maybe Curt Cobain hears me and that Chuck Berry’s ghost comes to visit and does a rendition of “My Ding-a-ling”. Well, that’s a little far-fetched but it’s a cool thought.

In all seriousness, I relate songs to people differently now, and although GNR’s “Patience” reminds me of 1989, drawings of roses, the acoustic version sung by some female is a memory of a dark lounge, a glass of wine and my brown leather boots.

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Anonymous said...

Can I come to the next exorcism, it sounds fun.