Monday, October 22, 2007


What is a weekender? In my terms a ‘weekender’ is someone who comes in on Monday and asks you how your weekend was just because they want to live vicariously through your life since theirs is nonexistent. It could be an email, it could be passing by in the hall, but it’s annoying. Today I was particularly aware of my surroundings and figured out someone’s pattern – every Monday the weekender asks me how my weekend was. I no longer give details, not like I did before, but my answers have changed and I only answer the question posed because its really none of their business – my life is none of their business. You would hope that the weekender would get the hint and not press on for more information. But nooooo, they have to pull questions out of the sky to continue the conversation which today of all days, completely pissed me off. It’s just a trigger I have, if you cross that line and push the wrong buttons week after week, then I’m on to you. You don’t care about my weekend, you are making small talk because 1) you want to be seen talking to me, 2) you want to think that you can talk to someone like me, 3) you want to spread stories about me to your buds or your lunch pals because you want to look good, 4) your life sucks. If you are a friend of mine, then sharing weekend stories is fair game, but don’t be interrogating me about my weekend if I don’t talk to you on a daily basis because you don’t need to know. Next time the weekender poses the same old stupid question, I’m going to make up something really good. Don’t be surprised if you hear thru the grapevine some stupid thing I might have done like parachute off a building or get a tattoo on my ass, cuz I might just say that to prove a point.

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