Sunday, September 28, 2008

What's Your Sign?

There’s a funny thing about horoscopes…if I read them at the beginning of the week, I will analyze everything for that week, not that its not normal for me to do that, but I’ll analyze everything around me, who I meet, what I say and do, who I talk to, everything is in high definition. However, if I read my horoscope towards the end of the day just like I did today I find more satisfaction in it if any part of it made any sense. Hmmm…did that happen? Yes it did. Well sorta. Funny how I used to do compatibility tests to tell who I’d get along with, who would be my best love match, why certain signs would not get along with mine. I would get enveloped in it every now and then because its humorous, just something else for me to research.

I can’t say I believe in all that stuff all of the time especially how someone you have never met can predict your day, week, the entire year based on your zodiac sign, but some of it holds truth. I’m not telling you my sign, but something was in the stars this week that might encourage me to swipe a newspaper at the end of the day on the way home from work…..just to see.

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