Monday, September 22, 2008

A blonde, a brunette and a redhead go to a bar…

Well not quite a blonde, but we did look like Charlie’s Angels Friday night, decked out to have a night of fun in standard black attire. Our first stop gave us great drinks, excellent dance floor space for shaking our bootys and not being bothered by anybody but two short guys who smelt good that were just…there. We didn’t last long because the eye candy was lacking, not that I cared, I just wanted to dance. We still had fun and tapped out to ‘that girl is Poison’ and off we went back to Mtown. We stopped at the local watering hole due to available parking, even if it was just to visit the ladies room. I didn’t see any of the regulars there, not that I was really looking because my eye sight was a bit off from the lighting in there. But it was a great pitstop – NO LINE!

I’m not sure what came over us because we ended up at the Hopper which to me is like babysitting 3 year olds on a crowded bus. The dancefloor was like a moshpit of complete strangers bumping and grinding and trying not to spill their beers. The eye candy was there like flies on flypaper. Funny thing was the guy who stopped to ask us to watch his friend while he went for beers. He walked off and when the guy returned the Angels told him his friend wanted him in a romantic way. She was a little bit more blunt than that but I think you get the picture. According to one of the Angels another episode at another watering hole was a bit more disturbing in the ‘professing love’ kinda way. At this point I have no idea what name I gave out but our signature career paths made an appearance, and I had a problem keeping track of what name I kept giving out to different guys I had no interest in. At least our place of residence stayed the same and the Angels went along with every story that we fabricated on the fly. Busta Rhymes with Argyle kept hounding us but he meant no harm, especially after buying a round of drinks.

As for the Ex-Devil’s player, he’s lucky I didn’t sock him one because I’m not big on strangers just hugging me for no apparent reason.

“Though running thru the green while the sprinklers was on is funny too. I never did THAT before!”

Tidbit of the night:
You know they are really young when….they call you a half hour later after you leave the bar and invite you to meet them at the diner for breakfast. Then they call you back and want to know when they can see you again, then they send you a text message thinking that just because you danced with them, there’s some sort of connection between the two of you. I don’t remember what I said to him when he called on my way to drop off the Angels but it gave my car a ton of laughter because it was so off cuff.

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