Sunday, September 7, 2008

Look at all these rumors…..

There’s nothing worse than hearing a rumor about yourself that just isn’t true and having it completely ruin your Sunday, especially when I’m surrounded by these people all afternoon and I have no idea who said what. I’m so glad a friend asked me about it, you know how it goes…”I heard you….” and I immediately said, ‘No, that is not true at all’ and cleared the air about that and told them exactly what happened. They wouldn’t own up to who said it, but at least they asked me directly. Unfortunate for the one who started it though because its obvious they have nothing better going on in their life than to start rumors about the newbie. Too bad you don’t have a life, unless your goal was to make the blog, in that case, you’d have to come clean and tell me it was you. I thought we all grew up and stopped playing the rumor mill, guess some people are still stuck in grade school. Just don’t f* with the redhead…just like that nice Chicago Bears fan said.

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