Friday, September 26, 2008

Fashion Disaster Friday

On any other typical Friday I do the usual. I get up to go to work for a few hours, only to turn around again to come back home to do errands, chores, hit the post office, bank, go shopping, whatever. I don’t spend too much time people watching unless I’m standing in a line or sitting in a waiting area at the nail salon. Today was different. Today I went to STS after work for an oil change which turned into a 30K service. I sat in the waiting area reading a very funny, vulgar hardcover book, whose title I will not write here and expose the humor that came out of it. STS is a male dominated business. They take pride on making fresh coffee for their customers and informing them of what else might need to be done on their vehicle while its in there for service. I was amazed at the amount of fashion disasters that approached the counter. Had I only a portable piece of electronic equipment I would have typed out everything this one woman had said while she leaned over the counter in her acid washed jacket and sneaks with no socks. I think she was trying to explain how the motor sounded but it was all jibberish to me. I’m not saying that I’m perfect because when I went to the counter I said 30 miles instead of 30 thousand miles because I got distracted by the guy at the counters eyes, only because he was eye level with me. Besides the one woman who walked in with a floral printed handbag wearing the hideous green and blue striped pants, the girl who was wearing the pink bunny pants takes the cake while her boyfriend helped himself to a fresh cup of joe. They didn’t even stay to wait, how dare he partake in a freebee? And the guy behind the counter came out two more times to try to make eye contact with me again while getting coffee for himself, unfortunately I was too engulfed in reading about a woman who was dating a guy similar to carrot top and trying to nickname the woman in the green and blue striped pants from someone out of the cast of the movie Willie Wonka.

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