Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A Blast From the Past

I am completely blaming everything on my wardrobe today. My new royal blue, fitted trench, which was a complete steal from Nine West, a periwinkle blue cowl neck shirt. I double – blued it today and what happens? I see my ex..probably the only one who I would call ex before the husband because we had a potential of walking down the per the ‘3 year trial run’ fake engagement ring he gave me, even though we never made it past 7 months even after picking up again. That was 12 years ago and why does it still bother me? Because the one reason why I’ve hated my birthday..was it marked the day he broke up with me. After dropping off my car at the dealer for service today and having to sit in the waiting room for almost an hour for valet service back to the office, who walks over to me but him. We chatted, caught up so to say and I think for some strange reason it cleared whatever dust particles were left in the air after we broke up. He hasn’t changed much, aside from a few irrelevant weights and measures but I am glad to see he’s done something good with his life and bounced back after a divorce and getting married again. Amazing what 12 years can do to a person, even if for just conversation purposes “you look great” rolled smoothly off his tongue. After all the times I’ve brought my car there, eventually I would have ran into him or ran him over.

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