Friday, April 11, 2008

Gazing out my Window....

He made me want to become a better person and that is when I started looking at life in a different way. I stopped dreading things and just learned to enjoy them realizing that not every moment had to be planned and perfect and followed by stress. I started sleeping better at night, not worrying all the time about stupid things in my life, and I began to dream again, and not that it was a good thing but it was a start even after we had a bedtime story or two. I can’t give him all the credit though, because I had to step back and take a deep breath before this brainstorm appeared out of the blue. Whether it was hours or days ago, our first date, the first movie we saw and when we saw it (he has to fill in the blanks since my memory seems to fail) it will always be just as sweet as the dessert we shared. As I type this in my cherished spot by the front window at my living room table, with a little touch of enlightening background music, I know you could be reading this while we share the same sunset.

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