Monday, May 5, 2008

Put Up Your Dukes

I admit, after putting up a great fight, I lost the Coke vs Sprite Debate. I claimed, argued, debated that Sprite had less sugar/calories because it wasn’t as syrupy as Coke (due to Cokes darkness in color). Here is what I found doing my research and having myself proved wrong:

In an 8 oz size bottle and some help from the internet nutrition counters:
Coke – 97 Cals, 33 mg Sodium
Sprite – 96 Cals, 47 mg Sodium
Dr. Pepper – 100 Cals, 35 mg Sodium
Diet Coke – 1 Cal, 28 mg Sodium
Lipton Green Tea – 80 Cals, 70 mg Sodium
Water – is Water

I’m not sure what I owe now that I’ve lost this horrid Debate, I don’t recall putting any monetary wagers or anything of that sort on this however, I’m sure I owe something. But I will continue to drink water and green tea and treat myself to Sprite. Don’t let the Diet Coke 1 Calorie mumbo jumbo fool you – it still has sugar in it!

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