Monday, February 25, 2013

Free Entertainment at the Service Lounge

At the Nissan Service waiting area (also known as the ‘lounge’) while I was patiently waiting for my car, with a protein bar, bottle of water, and my Kindle, I paid attention to the cast of characters that I was surrounded by.  First was the dad/husband, it was hard to tell exactly which he was, other than he stayed in his chair, didn’t bother anyone and read the paper.  Then there’s the 20 year old, baseball cap, brim not bent, iPad with ear buds, kept to himself, obviously a great choice to sound out the Plus Size Marge, but I’ll get to her in a bit.  We have the female with a heavy accent talking on the cell phone.  Sometimes I wonder if these people have hearing problems that they need to talk that loud.  Then the ‘pacer’, the guy who sits in a chair for maybe 15 minutes, gets up then walks around, sits down again, then gets up and walks around.  I’m not saying he was making me nervous, but pacing is not going to pressure the techs to work faster on your vehicle.  Sit down and read the paper!  The best was Plus Size Marge who took up just about the entire couch, and that did not include her huge purse that could fit a small dog, plus her coat. She occupied the entire thing, set up shop there, probably would have napped there if they let her.  She was annoying, another one who might have liked the sound of her voice when her phone with the numerous amount of ringtones just happened to continually ring at least 2 minutes after she hung up. (There was no way I couldn’t pay attention with her sitting next to me!)  Her big drama of the day was a fire hydrant on the corner of the street where she lived that someone slid into and now had flooded the entire street.  Yes I heard the whole thing, I heard her say she’d pick up water on the way home, I heard her tell someone else who called who had let her know what had happened, that her kids were home by themselves, that she could be another half hour.  I heard everything about this huge drama that was happening in her life today, multiple times if you count the amount of times her phone rang. Constantly huffing and puffing as if waiting for her car was interrupting her day.  As if her being in control of the remote for the TV wasn’t enough, she had to put on Dallas, long enough until it was her time to leave. I guess some people don’t respect their surroundings anymore, don’t anticipate that had any one of these strange characters in the lounge knew where she lived, they’d make a phone call and well, I’ll let you take it from there.  Lastly, the head turner, he sat down after Marge left and every time he heard footsteps his head turned in that direction, which was in my direction.  The service area is the other way, who knows who he had been expecting to walk up to him from that direction.  I wasn’t aware of any car giveaways from the showroom.  At least he had the decency to change the channel. 

Overall, no matter where you are some people do not think, nor use common sense.  I really need to download a ‘notepad’ app for Kindle because this would have been more entertaining than just me writing from my notes in my handy notepad I still carry with me.  And since when do sales guys walk around in doctor’s cloaks? 

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