Wednesday, February 6, 2013

As the Ball Turns

The roster for spring softball came around today and they were trying to find my name on the list.  I said “Nope, I’m not on there” and of course I got asked “Why?” Truthfully, I only signed up last year to be a sub, and ended having to play more than I wanted, having to endure the pain of watching people who can sit at the bar and watch a MLB game, but don’t know the basics to play their position.  Granted the ladies give their all, they show up to practice, they try, they get better every year.  But the men have no excuse, especially the one without the cleats, who shows up in sneakers to play, who claims he plays on multiple teams.  So, 'no' I will not be playing this year on that team, I am saving myself the heartache, heartburn and extra energy spent playing 110% on a team that only shows up 50% of the time (unless its to drink afterwards).  There will be a lot of changes this year to my repertoire of sports, many changes for the better.  I’ve been playing the same sport too long to just play for fun, if I can’t compete, if I can’t play on a team that gives their all like the Ball Busters, then “Thank you, but no thank you”.  

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Anonymous said...

All the points in this blog are valid 100%, and It's really unfortunate that team had to lose a top notch player due to their irresponsibility...perhaps they'll learn in the future.