Thursday, February 14, 2013

To Gel or Not to Gel (Manicure)

Last month I went and got a gel manicure, actually over a month ago at the nail salon I somewhat frequent.  The manicure itself is supposed to last longer than a regular manicure, which I needed to get me through New Years, plus the following week and it was worth the $30 I paid.  Since I had a French manicure it actually lasted close to 3 weeks.  I returned to the salon to have them taken off because I failed miserably to soak them off myself (always keep regular acetone handy), little did I know the lady would use the dremel (i.e. weapon of choice to remove acrylics).  I haven’t had acrylics or LCN on in years, my real nails are in really good shape (at least they were).  She used the dremel to remove the top coat of gel and then soaked the rest of the gel off my nails.  I then had a regular manicure put on which lasted me a week.  I’m not sure what they do differently to my nails that the polish lasts longer than my home manicure but it lasted me almost over a week! Usually when I do my nails it lasts about 3 -4 days.  Now my nails are trying to grow out again and they are breaking like crazy (yes I do wear rubber gloves when I do the dishes).  To counteract that from happening and to help restrengthen them I am applying Sally Hansen’s Top Coat strengthener every other day.  I want my nails back!  If you want my advice on whether or not you should get a gel manicure, here goes

Pro’s for a gel manicure:
·         It lasts up to 2-3 weeks – no chipping
·         If you get a French it could last longer
·         No drying time which means no smudges

Con’s for a gel manicure:
·         They do use a dremel to smooth the nail prior to putting the gel on
·         They will use a dremel to take off the gel if you haven’t soaked it off with regular acetone
·         Your nails may be thin after removal (chances are they will be)
·         If its winter, they will break one right after the other

So moral of the story is: a gel manicure is great, it does last a long time, especially if you need it for multiple events in the same week.  I would definitely consider doing it again – sans the dremel and spend more time soaking in acetone!

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