Saturday, March 16, 2013


Unlike the rest of my friends and family and co-workers, I live with airborne, food and pet allergies – the triple whammy.  You’ll find me reading the labels in the grocery store aisles making sure I can eat what the product is made with.  In fact, Lara Bar only makes one protein bar that I can eat, its called Cherry Pie, and it is very delicious.  You’ll also find me asking restaurants if they could make a specific dish ‘without nuts’ because of I’m allergic to certain tree nuts.  I was tested for all kinds allergies at a young age and now that I’m older am going through the motions of retesting myself at a minimum and with parental supervision (and Benadryl handy).  I have narrowed down some foods that I can eat, and those that will still put me in the hospital.  Some food allergies, such as pineapple I have grown out of, yeah!

My airborne allergies aren’t fun either, in fact I believe they have gotten worse with age.  Thankfully, I found a great ENT (ear, nose, throat specialist) that has prescribed the appropriate medications to ‘clear my head’.  It’s not fun, I do not enjoy keeping that box of tissues handy when the yellow haze starts to appear on my car. 
I try to keep my desk in my office dust-free as best as I can with these great throw away mini-dusters! When in doubt, I ask those who may leave goodies in the kitchen after a holiday weekend or inhouse event what the ingredients are.  Basically if it looks like it contains something I’m allergic to, and there isn’t a label for me to read - I pass.

I sympathize with everyone out there who has an allergy to something, you may be lactose intolerant, you may have an allergy to gluten, your friends and family may forget and make a food you’re allergic too (don’t worry, I truly think they are not trying to kill you).  So the next event you see me at, you might find me next to the bowl of mixed nuts, or hanging out with the pet Golden Retriever, guaranteed I’m having a lousy time and I’m leaving early one way or another.

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