Thursday, January 1, 2009

I Love Dick! (Clark that is)

Happy New Year all! As 12:59 am approached I had such a great feeling about how this year was going to be, not a premonition but just a feeling and it wasn’t just from the alcohol or present company. I may have called you last night wearing a silver lei, a Happy New Year hat and a blinking pin that said Kiss Me Its New Years after I yelled “I Love Dick” at Dick Clark himself, a ritual that used to be part of the celebration in a past life. Besides someone drinking my beers, having me resort to Heiny Lite and a baby Guinness, a very Happy Viking, someone making it seem like they didn’t smack my ass, when I know they did when their date wasn’t looking, and multiple successful parties I attended, I’m happy to say that I have great friends, new and old, that leap tall buildings, go beyond the typical pong distraction and cross oceans for a down home party. The scent of a fresh shower washing away 2008, smells of beer pong, cigars, and the variety of fragrances from wishing everyone a happy new year are now gone and I’m reminiscing silently to myself over coffee and cookies. Il Bastardo you whorebath!...yes, you had to be there!

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