Saturday, December 27, 2008

Things you Say at Christmas....

Things You Say At Christmas that make it a dirty holiday:

  • I have a sex drive of a nine year old.
  • I’m mounting tomorrow, 15 inches high into the stud.
  • Don’t worry she won’t be black.
  • Up against the wall you mfr.
  • I like the real dark ones with big nuts.
  • Once you go special dark you don’t go back.
  • I don’t like dry nuts I like the wet ones.
  • You need a nut experience.
  • If you put nuts in a bush….
  • He doesn’t know how to stiffen it enough
  • I burned him off.
  • I couldn’t let two women lick and suck me for 2 million $.
  • I get spanked too.
  • That was a really good blow
  • You have to pull out the things.
  • Full gas I am.
  • I jammed it in here somewhere.
  • You purposely put your hand there.
  • Maybe next year I’ll twist it up.
  • Show me your crack.
  • It’s on display at the Smithsonian.

and a few more:

  • I need the correct screws.
  • Wow, ball finder glasses!
  • We have difficulty finding the balls.
  • Sometimes you can't watch the balls.
  • I got my stroke counter!
  • She needs her stroke counter to count my balls!

It's amazing how much normal conversation about christmas presents, cars, coffee, blowing your nose and cookies can seem so dirty!

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