Sunday, January 18, 2009

Schoolwork vs Football…hmmm – at least its not my decision!

Just out having Sunday brunch with my 2nd mom today and I realized I was sitting next to a Princess. Yes, Princess. Some of you may know who she is or was, and why we called her that. At first I thought I was sitting next to a guy in his 20s and his mother. But then when I got up to leave I took a good look and it wasn’t that at all. They were a couple! Princess said that dinner was a major decision today and that his schoolwork was more important than the games at 3 pm. OK, does that sound like the guys mother? And how is Sunday dinner a major decision? I mean, unless you are entertaining, dinner on Sunday should not be a huge dramatic event! Either way I enjoyed my catch up conversation over pancakes and omelets, not quite eavesdropping as much as I would had I been bored. I wonder if Princess picked up the check too..hmmm I should have stayed around for the grand finale!

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