Sunday, January 25, 2009

All the Single (and not so single) Ladies….

We were out in full force Friday night celebrating my newly ‘living single’ status, beer, leopard print hat, glasses and gold kitten heels. My ladies gave me the best kick off celebration possible along with some token skivvies, boxes filled with colorful and flavorful items (highly recommended), Little Mermaid bling and a Playboy Bunny! I have great friends, friends that could be an addition to my family and I’m so blessed to have such a supportive circle. The highlight of the night besides the man in the really bad trench who mistakenly thought I was the bride, was the ‘hat man’. The ‘hat man’ gave my friends on the couch, who were too shy to join us on the dance floor a little show in front of them…all for the price of a bottle of water. He was a bit shocked that I had so much energy and could keep up with him (actually mimicking his every move). Little did he know that one time, in another city about an hour away, I won a dance contest when I was a mere 16. Catholic school wasn’t all nuns and plaid…thank goodness for Club MTV! Cheers to my single and not so single ladies…and of course, my Pink Party Planner, who without all her efforts this would not have been possible!

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