Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Here's to you...Mrs. Robinson

Funny how people are in general…first nice and friendly, usual chit chat, banter back and forth and then they get all weird. Last week someone asked me for a practice date..yeah I know, what the hell is a practice date. Anyway, this dude is much younger than me and told me that I was a good representative of women my age, later followed by “I want to date older women” and “we should go on a practice date”. Needless to say I find this impeccably amusing in a Mrs. Robinson kinda way, aside from the fact that I’m just not interested. I do admire the balls the dude had for attempting such a feat. The ploy for a practice date when he was really hoping it would be a real one. He hasn’t reached stalker potential yet and I have him as a low threat level. I would have had no problem if he asked for dating advice but as for a potential suitor for me, not gonna happen, and neither is that practice date since I shot him down on site. Can’t fault a guy for trying but my sights are elsewhere at the moment.

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The_IVth said...

My friend, we call that a dating loophole. :)