Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me

I have to say my birthday was special this year: a fun night out with a good friend of mine and other friends, wives, husbands, countrymen haha, with a blinking ‘kiss the birthday girl’ pin that never got any kisses..thank goodness and a shot glass that remained in the car. Seeing old friends and hearing from them after a year or so with birthday wishes…and to top it off was a sweet surprise that appeared in my inbox when I finally sat down to open email at home. I opened the email and hit play and let it play till I thought it was going to end, but it never did. I sat there laughing, smiling, and so happy that an ecard would have such an affect on me even to provoke impure thoughts. But it did and slowly but surely all my bad birthday memories are disappearing and I will have to think of a really good way to repay that gift..and I know just the thing.

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