Sunday, March 2, 2008

TGIF on Saturday

Venturing out to dinner is harmless right? Yup, and TGIF’s is just not a place to anticipate meeting anyone, even if the shorty bartender pays you a bit of attention. I have to give props to their fajitas, but lows to their ultimate sangria. In due fashion, here are my scenes from the bar on two napkins, double sided and carefully hidden from the bartender who really wanted to know what I was writing.
- Coasters are not used anymore because we are killing trees in there rainforest
- Tall man walked in wearing a leather jacket that had the Superman logo on the back
- These guys were with SO’s…and still staring at us: striped shirt man with chicky who looked way older than him; another guy with chicky who looked like the one who brought his mom at South Park; black shirt man with short hair chicky, ‘uh honey, I’ll get the beers and stare at the pretty girls at the bar’.
- Man at table with wife had ‘electrocution style’ do – meaning, he must have stuck his finger in a socket before he left.
- Sat next to Little House on the Prairie woman who had 6 amaretto and OJ’s, also wore matching sweater just like husband, in different color
- Playing peekaboo thru the wineglasses with red polo shirt man and man who needed a shower
- Bartender only had 7 cherries in the container
- I can pick out everyone on a first date, including the chicky across the bar who kept an ample amount of distance from her date that looked like he couldn’t wait to drop her pigface off.
- Bartender continually tells everyone he’s ½ Jewish
- Local yocal again followed by a before and after Weight Watchers commercial. I won’t go there, it could get nasty.

Don’t flirt with the bartender if 1) you’re truly not interested, and 2) he doesn’t start serving you free drinks and 3) you lose the bet on his age.

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Anonymous said...

4) Maybe you should of went to Ruby Tuesdays.