Saturday, March 15, 2008

Save the Date - NOT!

I love to plan parties, it’s a fun thing to do, especially if it’s a surprise party, like the one I’m currently planning for later this year (shhhh). I planned my wedding, prior to getting engaged since most of all my friends got married before me I got to take great notes, then manage all the details down to the table names, even an itinerary for the out of town guests! Why am I talking about this? A friend of mine just got engaged and has been asking me questions and advice, and I have turned into a virtual wedding planner from a different timezone. My cousin is getting married in a few months and he called about invitation wording. So I can’t help but think about it, and yes I would do it all again..but differently. I’d still get the dress, the girls, and don’t forget the groom, whomever he might be. Planning a wedding is all a negotiation anyway. I’ve done it before, I’ve helped my sister, my friends, and I love to plan in general. So I’ll do it again from start to finish, even down to the DJ’s ‘do not play’ list. But I’d do it differently, even if that means in secret, on an island somewhere and having a party when we get back. It’s all the same thing anyway, just less of a hassle. Don’t look for a ‘save the date’ from me on the next run, I’ll call you from the honeymoon.

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