Saturday, March 8, 2008

Our Little Black Book

One of the best accessories a girl should carry….along with a pen for those moments where you just need to write down a thought or two, or a page. And it helps when you have some a co-conspirator. We ventured to 46 Lounge, and I’m not going to tell you where that is, because I think its obvious and I’m definitely going back for the atmosphere. I am glad I had a big lunch and they served a happy hour buffet that was quite tasty, you must try the meatballs! I can’t recall staying out for happy hour till the wee hours of the night and not leaving the dancefloor for more than 5. The main attractions besides our stalker conversation with the chick in the potty who was being ogled by a person in our party to be named nameless, was our new stalker. It is amazing how a guy won’t leave you alone even if you are sporting a huge rock, unless you leave the place. But I give him credit for keeping up with us and continuing his two-step move side to side, as if he hired “Hitch”. Now on to the rest, at the bar, there was a man in a trench coat dressed for work with a baseball cap on, odd duck, along with two bald guys who continued to stare at us while talking to other females. Yes, we pay attention to everything, including when your girl gets up to go to the potty and you turn around to look at us. I’m just glad we got to dance and we didn’t get groped and pawed at by taco bells and Moonshines.

Scenes from the dancefloor –
- Princess lookalike
- Looks like IV from afar but not IV
- ‘Jeans’ #2
- Guy dances with collar up – he puts it up for his shorty
- Donger wears Sinatra type hat
- Chick with Madonna hair in furry vest was jealous of our moves
- Ice Ice Baby meets MJ so Jump Up Jump Up and Get Down
- The African Anteater Ritual made an appearance along with the Kid n’ Play

Key quote: “I won’t touch it again, but it was great when I did it.”

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Dr. Who said...

Don't forget the return of the running man and the guy who works with us but have never seen