Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Babies R NOT Us

I’ve heard baby talk for about 3 weeks now within earshot of someone in the office trying to get pregnant. Not now, not me. My clock ticked once, and it hasn’t ticked since. I can’t say that. It did flicker another time, but that was short lived. I’m not sure if that’s a good sign or what, but I do want a child, I mean, if it doesn’t happen I might be disappointed but then again the kid would spare all the ridicule I went thru growing up as a redhead. I think it was right after I got married, the following year most of my friends were prego or already had a kid and I thought in the grand scheme of things that I’d be married by 25, child by 30. I’m going on 33 and the thought of it is so far away from me right now. I realized last year in a moment in right field that I won’t forget that I still have some good years left before I pack on 30 pounds for nine months. Mark my word I will NOT let myself dive headfirst into the potato chip bowl either.

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