Monday, October 20, 2008

Sidebars from the 9th Floor

There’s a big difference from people on the east coast compared to those on the west. WE have agendas when meeting new people..they are just being friendly.
- JLo was definitely on point.
- Twin Palms bar brought us some interesting friendliness – we met Lemon Drop, Manny the bartender and participated in a wine tasting event.
- My gal ehhem…Friday
- Saw and heard a guy who looked like Johnny Knoxville meets Michael Buble singing Sinatra sounded exactly like the cd.
- A very short man at the hotel in charge of the car services had horrible unibrow.
- AT&T Building became our compass
- Happy Hour is 3 to 9, mixed drinks were 5, but the martini’s were weak
- Don’t be afraid of the man in the file room
- Saw a little Dolly Parton and a Where’s the Beef lady.
- Counting many miles and I’m not talking air miles
- John the hotel driver drove us to see the 'big cock' - he was lying.
- Yelling your co-workers names in the hallways got us no answer for them to join us on another night out.
- We took the short bus to work on Thursday
- Los Lonely Boys were on our plane
- Water in California does wonders for holding hair styles

If I learned anything in 3 and a half days…its still OK to accept rides from strangers.

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