Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pre-Flight Activities

I slacked off, I didn’t count crocs in the airport like I normally do, sorry to disappoint my fans. But I did count the glasses of vino consumed before boarding and during the flight. Merlot & Pinot were flowing nicely in the airport bar, and had it not been for a great driver from the office, drinking before boarding would have been at a minimum for us. Our 2nd round was on the bartender Jermaine, who enjoyed sports talk with us and put up with the outburst of karaoke with the other guy who looked like Bobby Brown. We ordered chicken fingers which to us looked like chicken thighs and I quote “They are Huge!”.

Our company at the bar was exquisite to say the least. Batting first was some guy from Kentucky with a tattoo on the back of his bicep, very odd placement. Apparently he ‘used to live in LA’ which was standard terminology for those wanna be waiter-actor guys, now he’s in NYC. He never knew that Giants Stadium was in New Jersey. He was semi boring, but not creepy. Batting 2nd was our creepy guy in a purple button down shirt heading to New Mexico. I don’t recall what led to us talking about TFDU and Vegas but my classic line for the afternoon was ‘its something you’d take your wife to’. Giving him a reality check was much needed because he started with the slight touch of arm while talking to us and that was Level 2 creepy. There was another older creepy dude at the bar ordering wine and staring at us, typical for NJ guys anyway, but he got up and left.

Aside from that and the little Juan Valdez coffee stand that I was hopelessly searching for the little man and his donkey, pre-flight activities were awesome and our plane wasn’t delayed.

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