Saturday, October 18, 2008

In Flight Fun & Games

Now that I’ve got a great buzz going on I can’t stop laughing. Continental upgraded to tv screens with movies, music, games, and sitcoms which provided an ultimate distraction for those of us addicted to word games and Pee Wee’s Big Adventure. “I don’t make monkey’s I just train them, haha.” Figures I get stuck sitting next to two guys that don’t speak a word of English and I’m not even sure what language they speak. But it all made sense and things started to add up because of the Octoberfest and weinersnitzel smells before we took off. I’m not kidding, some things you just can’t make up. The magazine that the foreigners were reading next to me said Slitz, and after 3 glasses of wine you know what I thought it said. It resembled Maxim magazine and the accents on the vowels were odd, I knew it wasn’t Russian or Polish, so it had to be German or something else. When those two fell asleep I watched Hancock, and played Battleship and some word game called Bookworm, Alchemy. Airplane fare was chicken Caesar salad with a chicken sandwich, fritos and a snack bar which I couldn’t have because it contained walnuts! Along with that I had Uma Shiraz 2006, from Argentina that wasn’t bad at all, after 2 bottles.

Other random notes from the aisle seats:
- Grandma and grandpa have to pee together
- 2 converse sneaker sightings
- Man in potty line adjusting lower regions at eye level – very discerning
- Many pairs of striped twins
- Why do people walking up the airplane aisles look like they are swimming?
- Guy in front of me got up 5 times to go to the potty
- Realized Pee Wee Herman and someone else I know have a few things in common
- People stretch in odd ways in the aisle
- Man in red plaid shirt, matching red pants and a fanny pack - priceless

After landing, having dinner and a micro-brew we saw kids on skateboards carrying Star Wars lightsabers…no joke. No matter how much I had to drink…I know I wasn’t seeing things.

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